MiniWarGaming & Vanguard Tactics Present 'Start Playing 40K'

We're thrilled to announce an incredible partnership between Vanguard Tactics and MiniWarGaming! Two titan forces in the Warhammer 40k community, uniting to bring you an unparalleled learning experience. We've collaborated to create the 'Start Playing 40K' course, combining the tactical expertise of Vanguard Tactics with the enthusiastic community spirit of MiniWarGaming. This course is a comprehensive guide to kickstart your Warhammer 40k journey, no matter your experience level. Together, we're committed to making Warhammer 40k accessible, engaging, and above all, fun. So gear up and join us on this exciting adventure!


Start Playing with 10th: Begin Your Journey with Our Start Playing Course!

With the upcoming release of Warhammer 40K’s 10th Edition, there’s never been a better time to start your journey into this thrilling hobby. Our Start Playing course is specifically designed to help newcomers like you master the fundamentals of the game, ensuring you’re fully prepared to confidently dive into the world of 10th Edition. Our expert guidance, comprehensive lessons, and supportive community will be with you every step of the way, making it easier than ever to immerse yourself in the exciting universe of Warhammer 40K.

From now until the launch of 10th Edition, we are offering over 60% off on this course! Now $46 down from $123, that’s less than the cost of a box of models!

Make sure you use our coupon code, MWG10 for an additional 10% off!


Struggling to Get Started in Warhammer 40K? Discover the Ultimate Solution with Our Start Playing Course!

Overcome the challenges of diving into Warhammer 40K with our comprehensive Start Playing course, specifically designed to address your challenges and empower you to confidently embrace the game. Our unique features provide the perfect foundation for beginners to excel:


Comprehensive, Beginner-Friendly Lessons

Master the basics of Warhammer 40K through easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons that simplify the learning process for newcomers.

Expert Guidance & Mentorship

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned Warhammer 40K players who understand the challenges and excitement of starting out in the hobby.

Interactive & Engaging Content

Stay motivated and enjoy the learning experience with a mix of video tutorials, practical exercises, and quizzes designed to make mastering Warhammer 40K enjoyable and effective.

Exclusive Community Access

Connect with like-minded beginners and experienced players in our supportive, dedicated community forums, and share your passion for the game.

Discover how Vanguard Tactics has transformed the Warhammer 40K journey for players just like you!

"Vanguard Tactics is full of fantastic info and content to help you get better. I set myself goals, honestly worked on the program that Stephen has made and I am seeing major results. Worth every penny."

Stephen Wilhite

"Vanguard Tactics is one of the best sources for 40k knowledge on the internet. Stephen Box and his team provide incredible advice for players looking to improve their lists, tactics and overall style of play. They promote an honest, fair and fun playing style and have brought my game to the next level in only a matter of weeks."

Adam Jagich

"I've been with Vanguard Tactics now for about 6 months. I haven't played since 3rd edition and then only casually. Stephen and the other guys and members of Vanguard Tactics have helped me gain more confidence and helped me develop more tactics than I would have ever come up with on my own. Everyone on here makes you feel welcome and part of the team. I highly recommend you join. To be the best, you have to learn from the best."

Joaquin Lares

Secure Your Spot in the Start Playing Course for just $123 $46! That's less than a box of models!

With the release of Warhammer 40K’s 10th Edition on the horizon, now is the perfect time to invest in your journey to Warhammer mastery. By pre-ordering the Start Playing course, you’ll lock in an exclusive discounted price of $46, down from the usual $123! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to begin your Warhammer 40K experience with expert guidance and support at a fantastic value.


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