Vanguard Tactics & MiniWarGaming: Get Ready for 10th with 'Warhammer 40K Accelerator'

We're beyond excited to unveil a landmark collaboration between Vanguard Tactics and MiniWarGaming! In a bid to elevate your Warhammer 40k gameplay, we've teamed up to present the 'Warhammer 40K Accelerator' course. This powerhouse fusion brings together Vanguard Tactics' strategic mastery and MiniWarGaming's passion for community and engagement. Designed to fast-track your understanding and execution of advanced 40K strategies, this course caters to both intermediate and advanced players. Together, we're committed to deepening your 40K knowledge, improving your gameplay, and boosting your overall enjoyment. It's time to level up your Warhammer 40K experience with us!


Seamlessly Transition to Warhammer 40K 10th Edition with the Accelerator Program!

Experienced 9th Edition player? Get ready for a smooth transition and maintain your competitive edge with expert guidance and up-to-date strategies.

 Make sure you use our coupon code, MWG10 for an additional 10% off! (Approximately $111 - less than a Combat Patrol) 


Looking to Hit the Ground Running with Warhammer 40K 10th Edition? Our 10th Edition Accelerator is the Course For You.

The 10th Edition Accelerator is an excellent program for experienced Warhammer 40K players who are looking to transition smoothly from the 9th Edition. The program is packed with features that provide comprehensive insights and guidance to help players quickly adapt and thrive in the new Warhammer 40K landscape. Some of the notable features of the program include in-depth analysis of the new rules, new units and factions, updated army building, and strategies to optimize gameplay. The 10th Edition Accelerator program aims to help players gain a competitive edge, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to take on new challenges and master the game's latest edition.


Smooth Transition from 9th to 10th Edition

Ensure a seamless shift to Warhammer 40K's 10th Edition with comprehensive analysis of changes and new mechanics.

Expert Coaching & Mentorship

Receive guidance from experienced Warhammer 40K players to help you quickly adapt and optimize your tactics for 10th Edition.

Exclusive Strategy Videos & Guides

Gain access to a library of exclusive content focused on advanced tactics, army building, and in-depth battle analysis for the upcoming edition.

Discover how Vanguard Tactics has transformed the Warhammer 40K journey for players just like you!

"Vanguard Tactics is full of fantastic info and content to help you get better. I set myself goals, honestly worked on the program that Stephen has made and I am seeing major results. Worth every penny."

Stephen Wilhite

"Vanguard Tactics is one of the best sources for 40k knowledge on the internet. Stephen Box and his team provide incredible advice for players looking to improve their lists, tactics and overall style of play. They promote an honest, fair and fun playing style and have brought my game to the next level in only a matter of weeks."

Adam Jagich

"I've been with Vanguard Tactics now for about 6 months. I haven't played since 3rd edition and then only casually. Stephen and the other guys and members of Vanguard Tactics have helped me gain more confidence and helped me develop more tactics than I would have ever come up with on my own. Everyone on here makes you feel welcome and part of the team. I highly recommend you join. To be the best, you have to learn from the best."

Joaquin Lares

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