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Vanguard Tactics 10th Edition Academy - March Intake Launching 04/03/2024

At Vanguard Tactics, we understand that entering the world of Warhammer 40k can be a daunting journey, especially for those who have never ventured into playing at tournaments, lack a supportive peer group, or feel overwhelmed by the game's complexity.

Our mission is to break down these barriers and empower you to confidently step up to the table. With our in-depth and meticulously crafted online lessons/modules, we guide you from the fundamentals of the game to advanced strategies, nurturing critical thinking skills along the way.

We foster a strong sense of community, emphasising sportsmanship and fair play, so you will feel welcome at the table, and understand how to be a great opponent so people want to keep playing you. Our team would love to help you on your 40k journey and maximise your hobby experience, gaining the confidence to face any opponent, anywhere, and at any time.

- Stephen Box

This course launches on March 4th. Enrol now to avoid disappointment!

Course Contents:

The Academy Course presents a welcome module, core concepts module, and 15 main modules with around 100+ video lessons, which we recommend studying over 16 weeks. As a self-guided curriculum, we regularly release new modules, allowing you to watch anytime and own the material forever.

Modules delve into vital topics like understanding datasheets, Keywords and Abilities, leveraging Universal Abilities, Mustering Forces, strategising around Missions in 10th Edition, perfecting Army List Writing, and more. They are designed to provide comprehensive insights into game mechanics, developing tactics, and optimising gameplay.

Live Lessons:

Join us for live Q&A sessions, Enemy Sighted focused on powerful units and combos, weekly list analysis sessions, mindset, math hammer and TTS training and events. These lessons, usually scheduled late afternoon/early evening BST, are also hosted by our US coaches at 8pm CST (2am BST).

What You'll Gain:

10th Edition Assurance: Our comprehensive curriculum assures that you're thoroughly prepared to navigate the 10th edition's principles efficiently and effectively.

Master The Battlefield: Lessons guide you on setting up a balanced mission, leveraging terrain types, benefits of cover, and visibility, among other aspects.

Tactical Advancements: Learn advanced tactics, game management, time and command point management, scoreboard management, and game tempo to strategically advance in your games.

Tournament Preparation: Prepare yourself for tournaments with lessons on types of events, goal setting, meta analysis, terrain packs, mission packs, and essential tournament checklists.

Sportsmanship and Fair Play: Through our lessons on pre-game discussions, dice etiquette, in-game and endgame sportsmanship, learn how to maintain fairplay and manage difficult situations effectively.

Boost your journey towards Warhammer 40K mastery today!

Risk-Free: We shoulder the risk of you purchasing the course, viewing all content, and seeking a refund. We assure a 4 week money-back guarantee if you decide it wasn't for you; no explanations required.

What happens next? Post-purchase, you'll land on a thank you page that confirms your first instalment payment. After purchasing the course, expect an email from us to establish your login details and furnish information about accessing your course library. The initial lessons will be available from 4th March, and you can progress at your own pace with lifelong access to the course.

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  • Students are found in violation of our terms and conditions.
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  • A student is considered to be misrepresenting the core values and ethos of Vanguard Tactics.

If access is revoked, an appropriate pro-rata refund will be issued. Vanguard Tactics Ltd reserves the right to decline any purchase.

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