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You have 6 months from the date of purchase to use your 1-2-1 call.

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Elevate Your Warhammer 40k Gameplay: Bespoke 1-2-1 Coaching Package (6 x 1 hour calls)

Unlock the next tier of your Warhammer 40k prowess with our tailor-made coaching sessions. We will pair you with a coach attuned to your specific needs, ensuring a harmonised and effective learning experience.

This all in one package saves over $100 on purchasing individual calls!

Here's a Glimpse of Your Coaching Journey:

Session 1: Setting the stage. We'll discuss your unique hobby aspirations and goals for the 6 x 1 hour sessions, one per month. Dive into army list creation. If you already have a list, we'll review and refine it.

Session 2: Sharpening your play style for optimum outcomes. Deployment strategies and mastering mission tactics.

Session 3: Breaking down the best secondary choices for your army. Navigating in-game discussions and avoiding unwelcome 'gotcha' moments.

Session 4: Unpacking strategies to tackle top-tier Xenos, Chaos, and Imperium Meta Lists.

Session 5: Gearing up for tournaments.Reflecting on your growth and achievements.

Session 6: Blueprinting future growth and ensuring sustained advancement.

Tailoring to Your Needs: This structure provides a general overview, but every individual's journey is unique. Part of each session will also involve discussing your game progression.

Session Logistics:

We'll use Discord for our discussions.

To maximise your learning, please ensure you've completed the 1-2-1 Coaching form we'll send post-purchase and have your army list at the ready.

Important Notes:

We prioritise a respectful learning environment. Any inappropriate behaviour may result in the session's termination.

For cancellations or rescheduling, provide at least 12 hours' notice. Missed sessions without prior notice will not be refundable or reschedulable.

You have a 6-month window post-purchase to utilise your 6 1-2-1 calls.

For any queries or if you encounter booking issues, reach out to Michael Costello, our Head of Education, at [email protected].

We're eagerly awaiting our collaboration,

Warm regards,

The VT Team