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Masterclass Series Subscription

Conquer the Tabletop with Confidence: Stay Ahead of New Rules and Codexes with the Masterclass Series Subscription

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by New Rules and Frustrated by ‘Gotcha’ Moments, Then You’re in the Right Place.

At Vanguard Tactics, we get it – Warhammer 40K is complex and ever-evolving. Our Masterclass Series Subscription is your key to mastering every new Codex and rule update. Join us and gain the confidence and clarity you need to approach any game, anywhere. 

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar? We've Got You Covered with the Masterclass Series Subscription!

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed my new rules? Stay ahead in Warhammer 40K with ongoing access to our entire Masterclass library. As the meta evolves, so will your strategies with each new codex release.
  • Are you tired of being caught by gotchas? Learn the critical strategies and potent combinations of every army, ensuring you’re never surprised by unexpected tactics in your games.
  • Struggling with confidence at tournaments? Our in-depth analyses and practical examples give you the clarity and assurance to face any opponent with confidence and skill.

That Sounds Great! What's Included?

Our subscription offers easy, no-commitment access to our best content. Every time a new Codex is released, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive masterclass tailored for that faction. Each masterclass includes in-depth video tutorials, exclusive interviews, detailed strategy guides, interactive workshops, and bonus materials. Join now to stay ahead with expert-led insights and a vibrant community, all designed to elevate your game to the next level.

Individually, these courses are $46. With the Masterclass Series subscription, you get them all for just $30 per month. Better yet, we’re giving you $15 off your first month!

Masterclasses Included:

  • Tyranids
  • Space Marines
  • Necrons
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Dark Angels
  • T'au Empire
  • Orks
  • BONUS: Start Playing Course
  • BONUS: Accelerator Course 

Coming Soon:

  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Adeptus Custodes
  • Genestealer Cults
  • Adepta Sororitas

What our Students Say: 

"I found the Space Marine Masterclass incredibly engaging. From the breadth of topics discuss through the depth of analysis offered - this had it all. I was able to build on what I thought were my strengths, and improve upon (and identify some new) weaknesses. The team made me think of new ways to build lists across the detachments, really allowing me to maximize my collection. Great value in this class, and I would recommend VT Masterclass to anyone looking to improve their play with or against the armies presented!" 
"The Masterclass was an eye opener for me. I didn’t think there are any options for me to play my Space Wolves successfully. With the Masterclass detachment analysis and advice regarding Chapters, I realised my Wolves are back and fighting."

"Masterclass offered excellent insights and I found myself pausing the video and cross checking the video to get the most of it. Good stuff and will revisit the content a couple of times I’m sure."

Risk-Free Promise

Your commitment to excellence is met with our assurance of quality. If, within 14 days, you feel the subscription isn't aligning with your Warhammer 40K ambitions, we'll refund you — no questions asked.

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